LINC-latin america

LINC-LA was launched in February 2017 with partners from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru. Our common goal is to promote an inclusive society where all children with disabilities can enjoy their human rights in a dignified manner. For this, LINC-LA tries to develop actions to respond to the specific context of the region. As a first initiative, LINC-LA decided to work through three action lines: Common Learning, Advocacy and Sustainability of NGO´s focused on disability. We think that the better way of promoting the rights of people with disabilities is through strong organizations from the grassroots with technical and economical capacities to maintain and develop long term plans.


We think that learning between each other can bring LINC members a lot of positive results towards a successful network model. Through our advocacy line of action, we want to promote the voice of people with disability, representing more than 150 organizations throughout the region and their families and try to get the commitment of the public sector to accomplish the social strategies that promote inclusion in every country.


As a network, we want also to have a sustainable way of working in order to achieve also long term results, and to have the resources that we need to move forward and help others in their inclusion process and social empowerment.